A Family Balloon Ride.

What to do when the family makes a trek to Colorado for a nephew's wedding? Get up early in the morning and catch a hot air balloon ride! My sister booked us with Rocky Mountain Hot Air for an hour excursion over Chatfield State Park, just south of Denver. The party included my dad, oldest sister and her husband, our brother and his new bride, and my older daughter, Laura. I came along as the official photographer.

It was a beautiful, clear morning, just after sunrise.



We watched as they set out the balloon and fill it with air. Then the family all packed in to the basket in preparation for take off. It was a smooth ride for the passengers above the park, while I ran up and down hills to get pictures to document their adventure. There was a little excitement at the landing when it nearly touched down in an active construction zone, but the balloon made it to the side of the highway for a safe landing. After the ride, the passengers were encouraged to help pack up the balloon, including climbing back in the basket to pack down the wrapped up balloon. There were some curious horses corralled nearby who watched the whole event with interest!